REGULATION fiduciary Will Trigger NPL

07 Oktober 2012

JAKARTA: consumer finance Multifinance alarming problem loan resolution will be hampered post-compulsory policies imposed fiduciary list.


policy has legal basis Regulation of the Minister of Finance (PMK) 130/PMK.010/2012 numbers will come into force on Monday (8/10) tomorrow. However, the Indonesian Financial Services Association (IFSA) said too many problems in the implementation of those policies that have a negative impact for the industry.


Wiwie Kurnia, chairman APPI, highlighting the experiences of a number of multi-sense application of fiduciary could spend more than a month. fact, he continued, the issuance of fiduciary could be much longer, because the wait Proof of Ownership of Motor Vehicles (reg) new published about a month after the transaction is the financing done.


This is a concern because the company APPI attractive financing vehicle is prohibited if it has not pocketed fiduciary certificates.


"That is, we worried about the completion of non-performing loans (non performing loan/NPL) will be constrained. This effect can increase the NPL, "he said Sunday (07/10/2012).


Generally, multi-done two ways when there are problems in the repayment of loans by customers. The first is to restructure the debt and second, to withdraw the vehicle which is then sold to cover the remaining credit.


After the vehicle is sold, the bad debts are erased from the books. On the contrary, if the assets can not be withdrawn bad loans moreover sold, it remains listed as NPL in the books.


By the end of July 2012, the level of non-performing loans reached multi consumer finance segment comprising 2.97% 1.39% portfolio doubtful and loss amounting to 1.58%. NPL level is relatively not move since the beginning of the year. (Sut)



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