Shutter FIFAstra Non Luxury Car Financing

26 Agustus 2013, JAKARTA - PT Federal International Finance (FIF) targeting non-luxury car financing as the company's diversified business portfolio that have dominated the financing of new and used motorcycles.PT FIF is now known as branding FIFAstra it will focus on working on the car brand Toyota, Daihatsu or other brands under the auspices of Astra International business group.Djap Tet Fa, FIFAstra Marketing Director, said this year the company is still in the learning phase of this business. "The car that will be funded as Xenia, Avanza, like that," said Fa Tet in Jakarta, Saturday (08/24/2013).FIFAstra will also partnered with PT Astra Sedaya Finance, known as branding Astra Credit Companies (ACC) to support the development of this line of business. ACC is an automobile finance company that is also included in the business group Astra.Tet Fa said it would work on a number of areas that have not been tilled ACC. "There are some areas that would later we're in," he said. Sources:

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